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1 Way To Make Senior Care Sales & Marketing Not So Painful

I want to KNOW that sales and marketing my senior care business isn’t so painful!
If you’re a new senior care business owner and operator, you may be shouting this plea on the inside. Many senior care owners we work with have expressed that sales and marketing is their number 1 challenge in starting their senior care business. This challenge, unfortunately, can kill your dream before it begins.
At 30 years old I started and ran my first senior care business. However, previously, I worked in senior care marketing and sales for many years. You would think it would have been simple to market my own company like riding a bike. Yet, I soon realized selling as an owner and operator were different than serving as a professional salesperson. Truth be told, I was so much more emotionally committed to the success of my own business and I was on fire to grow my company. Even how I marketed my business was different? With a new senior care business, I learned the value of revealing my “business story.” It would create an instant connection with referral sources which was different from using a sales pitch.
While leading and running my own senior care business, I assisted and mentored many new owners to start and market their businesses. And now over a decade later, I have trained sales staff and coached new senior care business owners to launch their businesses with extraordinary results.
What’s so painful about senior care business sales and marketing?
If you’re new to marketing, it can be painful to step out to sell your company to generate referrals of clients, patients and families who need your services.

1. I don’t want to sound “salesy.”
Ever walked into a store and the representative was pushy, kept asking too many questions and followed you around the store? Ever pick up the phone and couldn’t get the aggressive telemarketer off? Unfortunately, we often think of these extreme situations when we think of sales and marketing.
This might be amusing now but it can be almost painful for both parties involved…salesperson and buyer. Who wants to be salesy, right?
Reality is, though, that as a business owner, you are also a salesperson. Your role is to make an impact by growing your business.
2. I can’t find the right words.
Have you imagined yourself speaking to someone who could potentially refer you to clients such as a colleague, a neighbor or other business relationship? But you can’t think what you would say or how to say it? The idea of speaking to someone to market your business can evoke nervousness, anxiety or jitters because you don’t want to say the “wrong” thing. And at the same time, you don’t want to sound like a “sales robot” either. However, finding the right words can be the difference between you gaining a referral to grow your senior care business or missing an opportunity.
3. Targeting and finding potential clients
Why is it important to target and find potential clients who need your services? As a new business owner, your time is valuable. You’re operating the business on a day-to day basis- writing policies, training staff, and managing the finances. So your marketing efforts should give you a return on investment. Unfortunately, as a new business owner, you may not have a plan thereby wasting time and efforts.

What’s The Benefits Of Using Scripts?
In the beginning of this senior care business journey, you have big dreams and expectations for your senior care business.
I’m going to discuss with you today that regardless of how little experience you have with marketing or how uncomfortable you feel “selling,” marketing and growing your own senior care business can be done. One tool that addresses all of these concerns are scripts.
Sales scripts help generate referrals, increase conversions and close sales.
Easy-to-say scripts are a word-for-word tool to use in your senior care business marketing arsenal. Scripts can and should be used while you speak with someone about sending you referrals for your services. Scripts may have a bad reputation because of how they aren’t used well. We have used scripting for years to reduce speaking jitters, create easy conversations to generate referrals and target marketing efforts.

1. Scripts facilitate natural conversations.
Scripts give you easy-to-say words that you’ve memorized ahead of time. Although, the key to not sounding like a robot with scripts is repetition. Memorizing the right scripts, actually, facilitate natural conversations.

2. Scripts create targeted conversations.
Ever get caught up in a conversation and by the end, you weren’t able get the information you needed. The conversation, while enjoyable, may have gone off on a rabbit trail. The key is to have a direction. Since as a new or up-and-coming senior care business owner must use their time wisely, scripts allow you to keep conversations going, while at the same time, focusing them on a purpose.
3. Scripts dissolve speaking jitter.
Why do we get nervous when speaking? Some people might say it’s due to their personality. Some might say speaking to strangers is uncomfortable. When it comes down to the root of why we The secret to killing speaking jitters is knowing what to say. Scripts are powerful because you’ve already empowered yourself with words to say that are effective and easy on you (and easy for the person you are speaking with.)

The best way harness the power of scripts is to be prepared!
Learn more about scripts to grow your new senior care business at the Fast Track Senior Care Marketing TeleCourse starting March 28, 2017.

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