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6-Step Method To Hiring The Right Care Workers

As you start a senior care business, one top priority is to hire the right care workers.  Whether home care business, hospice program or personal care home business, each relies on the frontline care workers to provide direct care to clients, patients and families.
Careerbuilder.com sites that the demand for care workers who service the elderly and persons with disabilities grew over 70 percent. As the senior care business industry expands and the population ages, hiring qualified care workers will make a significant impact on the future of your business.
Advantages to hiring the right care workers
There are many advantages to hiring the right caregivers.
Quality of care
You will need someone who is compassionate, competent and skilled in interacting with people. As a new senior care business owner, it’s important to trust your care worker staff to provide quality care. If a caregiver is good at caring for people and can make senior clients comfortable, it’s likely you can trust them fully with providing quality care.
As a new senior care business, your reputation is key to your credibility. It’s important to hire people who will help spread a positive impression of your senior care business.Your care workers are the face of your senior care business so hire carefully.
Save money

Each time you hire a care worker, you invest time in hiring and training. By choosing the right candidate for the position, your company can be sure that the investments of time and money required for employee orientation, success and retention are well placed.
As a senior care executive, owner and operator,  I’ve been through hundreds of hiring situations. Finding the right care worker staff isn’t easy.
Here are 6 steps that new senior care business owners should take to make hiring the right care worker easier:
1. Write down your priorities.
What is your priority for hiring your care workers?  Is the priority to hire quickly, hire for experience or hire someone new to the role.  Your response will determine how you recruit and write your job ad.
2. Write an attractive job ad.
Write your job ad according to your priorities.  You will attract the right or wrong candidate in how you write the job ad.  If your job ad appeals to someone experienced, then you’re likely to have those types of candidates apply.  In general, your job ad should include what makes your company great and different. It should also include the requirements of the position.
3. Post your job ad everywhere.
Post your job ad in as many places as possible to help you reach the right candidates. You can use websites such as Careerbuiders.com, Monster.com, or Indeed.com.  And don’t leave out, spreading the word on social media platforms such as Facebook.
4. Get the most out of screening candidates.
It’s important to screen candidates to identify who will continue in the hiring process.  Schedule a 10-15 minute telephone screening and ask a few questions to learn more about the candidate.  This also allows you to hear how they respond to questions, if they are friendly, and why they left their last position.  If you identify red flags, move on to the next candidate.
5. Try different interview questions.
If you’ve ever been interviewed for a position, it’s likely you remember the standard questions such as “Tell me about yourself.”   Applicants are already familiar with this type of questioning and have repeated the same responses. Entreprenuer.com advises that questions should reveal self-awareness and ability to build relationships include questions such as:


  1. -Who inspires you?
  2. -What skill or expertise do you think you’re still missing?
  3. -What are the top 3 qualities of a company you want to work for?

6. Establish employee standards and training.

As a new senior care business, you should develop clear standards your agency needs in an employee. When hiring care worker staff, there are important legal and professional requirements your employees must meet. These requirements are met through the credentialing processes which include reviewing licensing, past training, and criminal background checks where needed. 
Adequate credentialing ensures that a medical professional has the legal right to work in the capacity they seek to be employed. In the event of noncompliance, a senior care agency must prove that they have taken every possible preventable measure to avoid the circumstances and ensure patient and client safety.
Without proof of credentialing, both the agency and their employee can face heavy fines, lengthy litigation, loss of licensure, and a ruined reputation. Without a doubt, this unfavorable series of events is sure to cause a significant loss of revenue.
Question: Which qualities will you require for your care worker staff?
As you start a senior care business, you should be aware that staffing is an important issue for home care businesses, personal care and hospice companies.  Don’t let the lack of a hiring process lead to hiring the wrong staff.  To learn more, join us at our next FREE LIVE WEBINAR, How To Hire Care Worker Stars.

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