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Got 5-minutes? Do These Things To Start Your Senior Care Business

Do you have 5 minutes to spare?
Maybe you don’t think that 5-minutes matters but senior care business owners would tell you that every minute counts when starting your business.
If you have 5 minutes to spare, take the time to step closer to starting your senior care business.
Watch this video clip of the 4 key questions to ask yourself to evaluate if this is the right time for you to start a home care, hospice or personal care home business.
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Ask Yourself These 4 Questions
If you are ready to start your senior care business, whether a home care business, hospice program or personal care home business, ask yourself these questions.  It’s always important to research and get clarity on the factors involved in starting a senior care business.
1. What is my target timeline?
-Hospice: 1-2 years to start a hospice program
-Personal care home: 3 months to 9 months to start a personal care home business
-Home care: 6 months to 1 year to start a home care business
Your personal goals and timeline to start a senior care business will also help determine which of the business models will work best for you. The above-estimated timelines will give you a reference point to start with as you consider which type of agency to start.
2. Can I be the owner and operator?
-Hospice: Yes
-Personal care home: Yes
-Home care: Yes
Each business model and the corresponding state will have distinct requirements for being an owner and operator (administrator). In general,  you can become both an owner and operator of a home care business, hospice or personal care home business.
Keep in mind there is no requirement that an owner must necessarily be a medical professional, however, there are qualifications that must be met.  These qualifications include a criminal background checks in most states.
3. What is your lifestyle?
-Home care: Generally 9am-5pm business/office hours
-Personal care home: 24 hour business hours
-Hospice: 24 hours business hours
Interesting question?  Yes, it will be important to ponder the impact of owning a senior care business will have on your lifestyle.  While you may not be required to sit in an office for 8-hours a day, owning a senior care business is a responsibility that may extend past 8-hours a day.
4. Can I start in my own home?
-Home care: Yes
-Personal care home: Yes
-Hospice: Not recommended
If you start your business in your own home, however, consider the environment and impact on your family? Ensure that you think through te various factors and understand how your senior care business will impact your situation.
Certainly, starting a business in your own home has many advantages. These advantages include eliminating commute time, eliminating or keeping certain startup costs down, and being in control of your own schedule. I am an advocate of business ownership because I believe in the massive positive impact business ownership can have on your own individual life and on the community you’re serving.
Starting a senior care business is an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

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