Home care consulting to start and grow home care business

Accelerate Solutions for compliance and operations needs.

Need a project manager or implementation specialist on your team?
Manage your short-term projects with the expertise of a highly skilled executive management team using One-on-One Consultation.

On-on-One Consultation provide support in the areas of Operations, Staffing, Positioning, Best Practices, and Competitive Analysis.

Short-term Projects

  • Plan of Correction Writing and Development
  • Operations Support including Staff Hiring, Training and Development
  • Application process assistance
  • Auditing to ensure compliance
  • Write and develop policies and procedures
  • Hire and Orientate staff
  • Complete and submit applications
  • Audit current Policies and Procedures
  • Manage implementation projects
  • Quality Assurance Auditing to ensure Compliance

External Audits

An external audit will provide your agency with valuable information to improve operations. We conduct on-site audits targeting specific areas of regulatory compliance.

  • Pre-Billing Audits
  • Technical Compliance Audits
  • Utilization Review Audits
  • Operational Audits
  • ADR Support(Medicare Appropriateness of Claims Review)
  • Mock Initial Surveys or Recertification Surveys

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