Personal Care Home Facts : home care busiiness

Personal Care Home Facts

  • Personal care home offers housing, food service, and one or more personal services for two or more adults. Personal care homes also provide social activities, medication assistance, and 24-hour oversight.
  • Personal care home clients pay for services through their private funds. Personal care home providers may also receive reimbursement through the Medicaid program or by funds designated through the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD).
  • Medicaid reimburses agencies that are enrolled as Medicaid providers in a state home and community-based waiver (HCBS) program such as the Georgia Community Care Service Program (CCSP).


The right tools are key.

Through C.F. Consulting’s products and services, hospices can establish a program that is equipped to move intrepidly through regulatory changes in an effort to serve those in need.



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