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How To Start A Senior Care Business You Love

Why would you like to start a senior care business? Have you asked yourself this important question? For some, the answer is to work for yourself by owning your own business. For others, the reason may be, simply, to help aging adults live better lives.
The heart of the matter is captured in this famous quote by, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
When I asked one of our clients, Iaisa W., why she wanted to start a home care business she said,

“I’ve been caring for people my whole life…since I was 10…I’ve been in the business for a long time and see how seniors aren’t cared for. That’s why I want to start [a home care business].”

If you would love to serve people through your own home care, hospice or personal care home business, you’re on the right track. Entering this industry can be a great way to tap into a booming sector of business and secure a sound investment. However, It is important to not let the pursuit of financial gain outweigh the needs of the population we serve. As long as you surpass the customer’s needs, develop a plan and put it into action, then your business will be prosperous.
I asked another client, Andrea S. the same question. She said,

“I decided to start a personal care home [because] my testimony is that I was fortunate enough to take care of my father as he began to transition and I enjoyed that process. And as I see the needs of the aging population…I want to be part of that solution [for the needs of the aging population].”

Consider what occurs when we’re not working towards building what we love:
1. Procrastination: If you’re circling around your dream and never quite getting around to, it may be the result of procrastination. Delaying your dream can cost you the rewards of building a fulfilling business.
2. Lost opportunity: You may want to think about the quote by Mark Twain,”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so.” The senior care services demand is increasing and all reports point to a growing market. One consequence of not building towards a business you love is regret of missing an opportunity.
3. Expense: Yes, infact, I believe it’s more expensive NOT to build the business you love. As time continues to pass, you’re losing the multiplying effect that time has on money called compounding. In the time that you haven’t expanded financially, you may actually be losing money.
As you develop your plan to start a senior care business that you love, here are some tips to consider:
1. Start working towards your goal.
Identify the tasks needed to move forward. Create a checklist of tasks with corresponding target dates. Designate the same day each week for completing tasks on your checklist.
2. Learn about your state or federal guidelines.
Take time to learn as much as you can about starting a senior care business. Starting early in the process gives you the time needed to avoid costly mistakes caused by rushing.
Start out by understanding the licensure requirements. Every state has clear guidelines that must be met in order for a senior care business to operate. It may not be the most exciting reading, as these guidelines can be 50-100 pages long. But we recommend that you read through the licensing guidelines in its entirety.
3. Get help
Starting a business involves many steps. These include research, registrations, business planning, marketing and budget planning. Often, another pair of hands can help ease the overwhelm of the process. Asking other senior care business owners questions and advice is also a great way to give you a head start.
It was a love for senior care and helping others that sparked my desire to start a senior care business almost a decade ago. While running my first senior care business, a personal care home outside of Atlanta, GA, I assisted and mentored other new owners to start their businesses too. From my own experience starting up, I knew there were limited information and guidance out there from actual owners and I really wanted to offer assistance where I could.
I managed to open my own business while having 4 children under the age of 6, all while working a full-time executive position in a major corporate senior care company. If you have a slew of responsibilities, I understand the challenge to find the time to reach your dream.
So between being a corporate executive at a large senior care company, starting my own senior care business and juggling the responsibilities of my family life, I have personally started 3 senior care businesses and continue to open them with this same process. Not only that, our clients have benefited by learning from our experiences.
The truth is if you’ve started and got derailed in the process to start a senior care business, I’m sure you already know by now. It’s tough to get the answers to your questions. It’s frustrating to start a business alone. You hit brick walls and you don’t know how to get around them. You’re not even sure what’s coming next. Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t feel bad. Many people go through the same hurdles starting a senior care business. You still have the choice to either work every day or build a senior care you love every day.
Let me ask you, would you be willing to commit to investing in a 20-minute phone call to set up a senior care business you love? Contact CF Consulting, Inc. for a FREE CONSULTATION to get your senior care business started today!

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